Thymol Crystals.

Thymol crystals have three distinct uses in beekeeping, these being:-

Prevention of mold and fermentation.

It has long been known that thymolised syrup prevents the forming of mold and fermentation. This increases storage life and reduces the chance of dysentery during the winter when bees are confined.

Treatment against the varroa mite.

Thymol is administered in a number of ways, including proprietary products and slow evaporation.

Treatment against nosema disease.

This is by increasing the concentration of thymol in syrup above the amount required to prevent mold and fermentation

I neither endorse nor condemn this product. The information is published here is a matter of public record. The information is placed here for the education of those that wish to read it.

BEFORE you obtain or use the material concerned, please ascertain the legality of doing so in your location as the product may or may not be approved in your geographic State or Country.

Thymol crystals are corrosive and nasty…

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