About us

My name is Erik Jewett and I am the owner and founder of Fat Daddy’s Apiary. We are a small apiary located in Sterling massachusetts. I started beekeeping in May of 2013. I currently have 50 or so hives in one of 3 Apiary’s. My main yard is in Sterling, Ma but I also have a seasonal yard in Stow, Ma. And a year round yard in Bolton, Ma.
I started this blog to make it easier to locate quality information for beekeepers to help them better manage their colonies. I am available for mentoring and coaching, I sell nucs and queen bees, frames of brood, honey, pollen and other bee products. Fat Daddy’s Apiary also rents beehives and is available to maintain your bees, extract and bottle your honey and for coaching and mentoring. We can also supply you with the finest custom built wooden ware available. Give us a call at 508-769-5891 or shoot me an email from the contacts page and let me know what you need.