The data sheet that this information was taken from is believed to have been prepared for distribution at a Varroa conference organised by the Leicestershire and Rutland BKA in 1993. Minor editing of bad translations by myself.

TAKTIVAR FUM sol. a.u.v. 5 ml
active substance: amitraz 125 g/l


application form: fumigation

The fumigation is applied at an out of door temperature of +10°C after the bees have finished flying for the day. Prior to the treatment the hive combs are to be arranged so that there may be a 40 mm gap between the outer comb and the hive wall.

2 drops of taktivar on a smouldering dol strip
Immediately before treatment the Taktivar is dropped on to the strip. One hive box needs 2 drops of solution, if the colony occupies two boxes then 4 drops must be applied. After the drops of solution have been allowed to soak into the strip for a few seconds, the strip is ignited along the whole of the lower edge. The strip should smoulder, it must not burn. If the strip flares up, the flame is to be blown out immediately. The smouldering strip is fixed in vertical position by a nail in the middle of the outer comb so that the strip is 20 mm from the comb and 20 mm from the hive wall. Then the hive and the entrance are immediately closed. After one hour the entrance should be re-opened.

If the Taktivar application is for diagnosis, the hive bottom should be prepared with a sticky insert sheet before the application. 12 hours after the treatment the sheet should be examined.

One hour after the treatment the nail is removed from the comb and the strip is examined to ensure a complete burn of the strip. If the strip did not smoulder completely, the treatment should be resumed.
(Editors Note! If the portion with the dots is part consumed then relight the strip and close up again, If however the strip has ‘gone out’ before the active substance has been reached… dispose of the part burned strip and prepare a new one.)

Use a respirator in enclosed spaces!

I neither endorse nor condemn this product. The information as published here is a matter of public record. The information is placed here for the education of those that wish to read it. BEFORE you obtain or use the material concerned please ascertain the legality of doing so in your location as the product may or may not be approved in your geographic State or Country.

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