Apiguard, thymol gel for Verroa.

Non-medicinal curative substance for honeybees* for the well-being of the honeybee colony.
Pack contents
Ten trays, containing 50gm APIGUARD gel. Two trays of APIGUARD are required per hive treatment. Each tray of APIGUARD contains 25% thymol in a specially designed slow-release gel matrix.

Instructions for Use
Two applications of 1 tray of 50gm APIGUARD gel per colony.

Method of administration
Open the hive. Peel back the foil lid of the APIGUARD tray leaving one corner of the lid attached to the tray. Place the open tray centrally on top of the brood frames, gel side up. Ensure that there is a free space of at least 0.5cm between the top of the tray and the hive cover board, for example by placing an an empty super on the top of the brood box. Close the hive.

After two weeks place a new tray beside the old one, following the same procedure. Leave the product in the colony for a further 4 weeks or until the supers are installed, whichever is the sooner. The product should not be left in the hive for more than 6 weeks.

Small and wintering bee colonies and nucs may require one APIGUARD tray only, left in place for at least 4 weeks.

The effect of APIGUARD on the well being of the colony is maximised if the product is used in late summer after the honey harvest (when the amount of bee brood is diminishing). However, APIGUARD can also be used during springtime, when the temperatures are above 15° C.


Non-medicinal curative substance for honeybees For the well-being of the honeybee colony.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the product

Wear gloves when handling APIGUARD. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not smoke, drink or eat during application. For use in beehives only.

Special precautions for use

Preferably, do not treat during honey harvest. Do not feed colonies before using APIGUARD; can be used immediately after removal of supers. Do not use APIGUARD when the maximum daily temperature is lower than 15° C or when the colony activity is very low. Combine weak colonies before treatment.

The use of a dose higher than that recommended (1 tray of 50gm gel per application) could cause disturbances in the behaviour of the colony (agitation, absconding). If symptoms persist, remove the excess product from the colony.

Withdrawal period:- None

Special precautions for storage
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Keep in original, unopened package until ready for use.
Store away from direct sunlight in the original packaging only.
Do not store APIGUARD near pesticides or other chemical substances which could contaminate the product.
Store away from foodstuffs.
Store at room temperature or below, do not store above 30° C or below 0° C.

I neither endorse nor condemn this product. The information as published here is a matter of public record. The information is placed here for the education of those that wish to read it.
BEFORE you obtain or use the material concerned please ascertain the legality of doing so in your location as the product may or may not be approved in your geographic State or Country.

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